Press release 2/2022



"Hard coal imports from Russia can be completely replaced by other countries in a few months. Especially from the USA, Colombia and South Africa. But also from Australia, Mozambique and Indonesia". This is what Alexander Bethe, chairman of the board of Verein der Kohlenimporteure e.V. (VdKi). "There is a well-functioning, liquid world market. There are sufficient quantities available. Germany imported about 18 million tonnes of hard coal from Russia last year. That is only about two percent of the total world trade."

Germany is also not dependent on the special qualitative characteristics of Russian coal, since different qualities of hard coal can easily be mixed to meet technical parameters. The VdKi is confident: "Hard coal can make a major contribution to security of supply. Hard coal imports from Russia can be replaced much more easily than Russian gas". Moreover, unlike gas, coal is easy and comparatively cheap to transport worldwide. It does not have to be liquefied for transport. Regarding the climate debate, the addition of ammonia to hard coal could be considered in order to reduce CO2 emissions (tests in Japan).


Berlin, March 2nd, 2022

V.i.S.d.P: Verein der Kohlenimporteure e. V., Jürgen Osterhage, Managing Director