About us

The Coal Importer Association, Berlin, represents the political and commercial interests of at present 61 members (i.e.utilities, industrial users of coal, traders, and companies engaged in coal logistics). Reports are published annually. They describe the current situation on the international, European and German hard coal markets as well as the perspectives for future supply and demand. Statistics on German imports and price development are compiled and published monthly on the Internet.

The Board of Directors reads as follows:

Dr. Wolfgang Cieslik / STEAG GmbH, Essen

Vice Chairman:
Alexander Bethe, JERA Global Markets Pte. Ltd. (London), Berlin

Holger Becker, Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG, Mannheim
Stefan Egyptien / RWE Supply & Trading GmbH, Essen
Bert Lagendijk / L.B.H. Netherlands B.V., NL-Rhoon
Bernhard Lümmen / Oxbow Energy Solutions B.V., Essen
Dr. Tobias Mirbach / EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Karlsruhe
Martin Rozendaal / Uniper Global Commodities SE, Düsseldorf
Dirk Schmidt-Holzmann / TERVAL s.a., B-Liège
Hans-Joachim Welsch / AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen/Saar
Rainer Winge / Südzucker AG, Mannheim
Markus Witt / Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG, Berlin

Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Wodopia