From a Green Paper to a White Paper to an electricity market law

The White Paper has its origin in the Green Paper that Gabriel presented in autumn of last year. Prospects of a new electricity market design were asked to bring their ideas of an electricity market 2.0 into the process until spring of this year. […] In the White Paper “we are spelling” all the means “that are going to realize the electricity market 2.0”, says Gabriel in the introduction of the brochure. The federal minister of economic affairs wants to accelerate the turnaround of energy policy by creating an electricity market law. It is supposed to be sent into the parliamentary procedure as a so called “Artikelgesetz” and should consist of three parts. The means of the first part are supposed to enforce the already existing mechanisms of the market “in order to enable the players in the market to have enough capacities available and are using them in the required extent”. This includes for example the reinforcement of balancing group loyalty, the guarantee of free price development on the market as well as transparent antitrust abuse control. Part 2 should contain means that submit a “flexible and efficient energy supply”. Finally part 3 shall additionally ensure the energy supply for example by introducing a cushion of capacity and by enhancing the cushion of nets.”

(Wolf-Dieter Michaeli, Bericht aus Berlin – Marktwirtschaftler Gabriel)